زندگی زیباست اما... - Biography of Hazrat Ali
زندگی زیباست اما...
فَإِنَّ حِزْبَ اللّهِ هُمُ الْغَالِبُونَ...
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«شهید آوینی»

مدیر وبلاگ : سفــــــــیــــــر
برای سلامتی و تعجیل در ظهورامام زمان(عج)

Biography of Hazrat Ali (AS)


Hazrat Ali (AS) is the first son of Hashemite family that her parents both have children Hashem.
Son of his father Abu Talib Hashim bin Bdmnaf Abdulmutallab child and his mother Fatima bint Asad bin Hashim child is Bdmnaf. Lhakh Hashemite family virtues and moral traits of human higher Quraysh tribe and clan in Arab tribes, were recognized. Magnanimity, generosity, courage and many other virtues has been allocated to Bani Hashim. One of the virtues of higher rank, there blessed Hazrat Ali (AS) was present. Fatima bint Assad during the holy path of labor pain and went to build the wall near the Kaaba and said: O God!
You and the prophets and the books that have been revealed to you and talk to the manufacturer Ibrahim Jdm I firmly believe this house. O our Lord! Respect to the person who made ​​this house, and to the right (2) A child in my womb, the birth of this child Fermat easy on me! Soon the moment against the wall of Kaaba southeastern eyes and Yazid bin Abbas bin Abdulmutallab Tf was split. Fatima entered Kaaba, and also joined to the wall. Fatima to three days on location Shryftryn world were guests of God. And three days after his birth thirteenth thirtieth General Alfyl Rajab Fatima (3) gave birth to. Assad girls of the same gap that Wall was opened again came out and said: (4) message from the unseen I heard that Ali put his name.


Hazrat Ali (AS) to three years spent with his parents and because God wanted them to achieve greater perfection comes, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) from his birth under his upbringing made ​​indirectly.
Rather, strange drought was located in Mecca. Prophet's uncle Abu Talib, the heavy cost of having many children faced life. Prophet (PBUH) in consultation with his uncle Abbas agreed that each of them the son of Abu Talib himself to take the inaugural Abu Talib is working. Abbas, Jafar, and the Prophet (PBUH), (5) Ali (AS) was taken to his home. In this way, Hazrat Ali (AS) completely beside the Prophet was. Ali (AS) so the Prophet (PBUH) was associated with, even if the messenger of the City (6) out and went to the mountains and desert, he also uses his mobile. Prophet Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Ali (AS) is no doubt that if the lead in the works is a kind of virtue points. Allah in many verses of His servants to perform them, and overtake each other (7) Invitation has said. Virtues of Imam Ali (AS) that he believed the first person causing the Prophet (PBUH) to be. Ibn Abi Alhdyd about it says: Know that among the speakers and large group Akabr Mu'tazilites not dispute that Ali ibn Abi Talib is the first person who believed in Islam and the Prophet of God has approved.

Hazrat Ali (as) the first helper Prophet (PBUH):

After the revelation of God and elected Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) the Prophet secretly invited three years, finally came the revelation peak and the public were invited to the command.
Meanwhile, only Ali (AS) Executive plans Prophet (PBUH) along with the inviting and compassionate Alhysh and only the Prophet was the feast for Shnakrdn his relatives and invite them to Islam, the religion of Allah arranged. In the banquet Prophet (PBUH) was the Svval audience: who you me in this way helps to represent my brother and executor, and is among you? Only Ali (AS) replied: "O Prophet of God! I'm helping in this way the Prophet (PBUH) repeated three times, after hearing the same answer Svval and said: O my relatives and family, know that Ali (AS) brother and executor, and Caliph after me among you. Other honors from Imam Ali (AS) is that with full courage to thwart the murder conspiracy based idolaters Prophet (PBUH) in his bed asleep and migration fields Prophet (PBUH) prepared.

Hazrat Ali (AS) after the migration:

After migration of Hazrat Ali (AS) and Prophet (PBUH) Madinah, two examples of virtues of Ali (AS) give orders: 1 - veteran and dedication in the field of Jihad: his presence in 26 Ghazveh 27 Ghazveh Prophet (PBUH) and the company Fast of the various honors and virtues is its prophet.
2 - Record and scribe of revelation (Quran) scribe of revelation and set many of the historical and political documents and writing letters of invitation and promotional works and sensitive Prarj Imam (AS), respectively. Maki verses what he or civil, can be recorded. So the scribes of his revelation of the Quran and guardians bring. In this period was the Prophet (PBUH) commanded the Muslims brotherhood and fraternity said the issue with Imam Ali (as) close brotherhood treaty and Hazrat Ali (AS) said: you are my brother in this world and the Hereafter are. The God who has raised me right ... You can choose to do their brotherhood, brotherhood of the range of both worlds (8) to be learned. Hazrat Ali (AS) son Prophet (PBUH) and Abu Bakr Omar Saad Maz consultation with chief Avs found except Ali (AS) who deserve Zahra (SA) does not. So when Ali (AS) between the palms in the garden one of the Ansar were busy watering the issue with them and formed them said: girl Prophet (PBUH) is about my desire. And the Prophet went to the house. When the presence of Prophet (PBUH) reached greatness neighborly Prophet (PBUH) was prevented from saying that word, until Prophet (PBUH) was asked why his post and Hazrat Ali (AS) with the virtues and piety and reliance his brilliant record in Islam said: "Do you know that Fatima Salah to take off in my marriage? After approval of Hazrat Zahra (SA) to groom the Holy Prophet (PBUH) were achieved.


Prophet (PBUH) after Hajj in the last years Prbrktsh way back in the name of the local Ghdyrkhm Jhfh stop was near because the peak was a revelation commanded the Prophet (PBUH) must have completed Rsaltsh (9) transparency.
After the noon prayer Prophet (PBUH) on the top spots went to the ship camels and said: O people! Near the right repeat my call and tell you to go through what you think about me? People said: We certify that you are promoting Kurdish religion of Allah the Prophet said: You can not certify, except that only God, my God and Muhammad is Allah and his messenger? People said: Yes, we certify. Then the Prophet (PBUH) the Imam Ali (AS) up and said: O people! Among the believers themselves deserving of the cyst? People said: Allah and His Messenger know better. Then Frmvnd Prophet: O people! Lord and whoever I am his leader, Ali Mola and his leader. And repeated the sentence, said Tuesday. After people choose to Hazrat Ali (AS) and congratulated him homage were.

Hazrat Ali (AS) after the death of the Prophet (PBUH):

After the death of the Prophet (SAW) due to certain conditions that had arisen, Hazrat Ali (AS) was withdrawn from the social scene and be silent.
Jihad would not participate in the community and not officially speaking. Sword in the scabbard and individual tasks and people are paying construction. Imam activities in this period is short, like: 1 - especially in their worship of God, Hazrat Ali (AS) 2 - interpretation of the Quran and religious matters and resolve incidents fatwa ruling that 23 years of life during the Prophet (PBUH) was similar. 3 - United Nations response to questions, scientists and other cities. 4 - expressing rule Many events in Islamic history that was emerging. 5 - to solve problems when the Caliphate system of political issues and some problems were faced with a deadlock. 6 - Education & Training Group of clean conscience and soul ready for the journey have. 7 - work and efforts to meet many of the Birmingham and as far as frustration with their own hands gardens and subterranean construction would be extracted and then dedicate them to be in the way of Allah.

Caliphate of Hazrat Ali (AS):

During the caliphate of Hazrat Ali (AS) occurred in many wars including Siffin, Bassorah Nehru and every one was looking for specific outcomes.

Imam Ali (AS):

After the war, Nehru and the suppression of some Khawarij Khawarij including Abdul Rahman bin Mljm Morales, and Burke and Mrvbn Bakr Ibn Abdullah Tamimi Tamimi in one night and things came together that day and bloodshed and civil war looked from Nehru and They remember their dead and finally concluded that the cause of this bloodshed and fratricide Hazrat Ali (AS) and Al and is Mrvas.
And if these three are eliminated, your task Khvahnddanst Muslims. Ally then tied each one of them committed the killing is one of three people. Ibn Mljm committed the murder of Imam Ali (AS) was the nineteenth month of Ramadan at night along with a few people sat at the Kufa mosque. That night, Imam Ali (AS) house and his daughter were guests of the morning's event had an issue with her ​​daughter when the institution, I said Klsvm: Jdh tomorrow to send the mosque.
Hazrat Ali (AS) said: Buying the divine can not be escaped. Then his belt tightly shut while whispering the two bits he was headed to the mosque. Your waist tightly close to death, because death you shall meet. And death, when you become a house (10). Do not cry for Jz and Ibn Mljm, while Imam Ali (AS) were prostrate, Task Force on the different blood blessed the altar Hzrtsh resume now and benefits (11) into the construction of the Prophet. Shryfsh to be colorful. Yet in the Prophet said: Fzt and paste Alkbh sworn duty to God that I was successful then recite verse 55 of Sura Taha said: "We created you from dust, and we give it Baztan it again (12) Byrvntan bring. Hazrat Ali (AS) in the last moments of life and happiness as people think Salah and the children and families and all Muslims will it said: you do the righteous are ordered and because their work regularly and that you always think about reform Be among Muslims. Orphans Do not forget, you observe the rights of neighbors. Quran put action plan. So keep your prayers There is a pillar of religion. Hazrat Ali (AS) was martyred during Ramadan 21 and buried in Najaf, and lovers of truth and fact Mzarsh resort was. - Parties Chapter, verse 21.

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